The practice of English should not be limited to classrooms, but be present in daily life, and carried out in a personal way. Showing up next some useful advices for improving the English-speaking skills:

  1. Descubre qué estilo de aprendizaje es el adecuado para ti. It could be through images, sounds (auditory) or special associations (kinetic). Remember: we all do not learn the same way.
  2. Escuchar música en inglés will not makes you speak English but is such useful for pronunciation.
  3. Memoriza 30 palabras y frases por día. Begin with simple structures related to daily activities and give basic information.
  4. Aprende un verbo cada día with its respective grammatical
  5. Consigue un compañero, practice the language together. If you get a chance to practice with a native, do it.
  6. Piensa en inglés. The grammar of each language is different. Translate in your head everything you read or listen.
  7. If you are in intermediate level, mira películas, programas o lee libros sencillos en inglés. As you improve, you can increase the difficulty. The website ESL FAST has a great variety of essays and activities of vocabulary and comprehension.

Con todo, estos consejos solo darán frutos cuando se combinan con voluntad y disciplina diarias.

Emmanuel Wagner Martínez

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